About Us

With over $1Bn in assets under management, we are the leading Israeli Venture Capital fund with proven expertise in methodically growing our portfolio of strong-performing companies from $10M to $100M ARR and beyond...

We seek outstanding teams with the passion and ability to scale, signifcantally.

Since inception of our first Qumra fund, we have successfully assembled a top-notch portfolio of hypergrowth companies that are continually disrupting their respective industry. Common to all is data-driven technology, superb execution capabilities and an inherent drive to become meaningful players in global markets.

As they navigate through ongoing challenges pivotal to their growth, our door is always open to our CEOs for counsel. As former technology executives and experienced investors, we know our strength is in seasoned guidance and in identifying, building out and supporting outstanding teams. We make it a point invest sensibly, ensure alignment between past and present investors and a common view with investors and management on the path ahead.

We have lived and breathed the Israeli tech market for over 20 years and watched it mature and produce truly amazing companies, some of which we have had the privilege to partner with.

We focus on highly analytical, data driven companies that can successfully scale to global leadership in their domain and invest in rapidly growing companies with a proven product-market sales fit.

These companies have achieved at least $10 million in annualized revenues and are led by strong and savvy teams with the ability to transform extra capital into sustained growth.

We follow disciplined investment criteria and typically invest $15 to $30 million, leading C rounds of $20-60 million. Our investment process is efficient and transparent, and we believe our companies benefit from the extensive analysis that guides us through to an investment decision. Our strong network of co-investors ensures consistent quality dealflow.

We are a small and collaborative team and are open trusted advisors to the companies we invest in.

The Qumra family extends to our portfolio companies that receive our full collective experience and count on an entrepreneur-friendly attitude, every step of their journey.

Meet the team
Boaz Dinte
Erez Shachar
Sivan Shamri Dahan
Sharon Barzik Cohen
Omri Strul
Reut Yehuda Golan
Boaz Morris
Ofer Vishkin
Chen Ephraim
Lior Linkovski Lahav
Michal Lehner
Keren Yosef
Kerry Eladi
Sigalit Bezalel