We believe in our ability to bring positive change to the communities in which we live and operate our business, and we are doing something about it.

By taking part in the Israel Diversity Initiative, we pledge to actively support the growth of diversity within our community. The initiative's strategy is to strengthen companies' workforce by reflecting the diverse composition of its customers.

The Women Founder Forum (WFF) was founded by Qumra’s Partner Sivan Shamri Dahan together with Merav Weinryb, Managing Director at Qualcomm Ventures Israel. The forum aims to empower female tech entrepreneurs by creating an ecosystem that brings them together with seasoned executives and investors to provide priceless mentor support.

Qumra is an investor in Kamatech, a high-tech venture set up by ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs in collaboration with the high-tech industry to enable the ultra-high-tech industry to promote Israeli high-tech. Over 80 major high-tech companies in Israel work together to promote women and men from the ultra-Orthodox community in the best positions in leading companies.

Erez Shachar, Qumra’s Managing Partner is a volunteer in Daroma-Tzafona, a nonprofit organization with the goal to transform the landscape of economic opportunity and bring sustainable socioeconomic change to Israel’s Negev and Galilee. Erez is also an active advisory board member in several of the organization’s portfolio companies.

Yuvalim is a non-profit organization with the goal to to strengthen Israeli's society, by narrowing social gaps and promoting excellence and equal opportunity. Operating in outlying areas and areas with limited resources, Yuvalim focuses on education and is focused on preventing drop-out and cultivating excellence in middle schools. Boaz Dinte, Qumra's Managing Partner is an active board member.

One-in-five is an NGO focused on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, operated by The Hebrew University’s Entrepreneurial Center, The Haruv Institute, founded by the Schusterman Foundation, and the BCG Group. Erez Shachar sits on its advisory board.

Tmura - The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, was established to involve the high-tech sector in supporting charitable activities. Early-stage companies give Tmura a warrant, convertible (at exit) into a small portion of their equity. If the company succeeds, Tmura sells its shares and donates the proceeds to charities in Israel; the focus is on education and youth-related activities, and the companies can indicate which organizations they want to support.
Qumra's portfolio companies are encouraged to make an equity donation.