June 6, 2024

Through this partnership, businesses are able to join their data from Start.io with their campaign data, measurement data, first- and third-party audiences data in the AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform, creating an enhanced dataset, and the ability to create effective audiences for activation.

The integration between AppsFlyer and Start.io empowers AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform users to safely enrich and leverage their first-party data, enabling enhanced insights, audience activation, and closed-loop omnichannel measurement, while prioritizing user privacy. By utilizing privacy-preserving techniques within AppsFlyer’s trusted environment, which utilizes industry leading PETs and a data clean room, brands and partners can collaborate, analyze data, and create targeted audiences without exposing personal information, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection regulations and unlocking powerful advertising and analytics capabilities.

With this integration, brands can utilize varied capabilities within the AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform, such as:

Attain privacy-preserving insights: Enrich their first-party data with attribution and third-party data to get advanced insights and optimize their campaigns.
Obtain immediate answers: Query unlimited data sources and perform advanced calculations to bring business logic to data that are available only in the Data Collaboration platform.
Collaborate, segment, and activate: Collaborate on data with business partners to build precisely segmented audiences, activated in just the right media.
“Commerce media presents an expanding opportunity for advertisers to authentically connect with their audience,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager of Privacy Cloud at AppsFlyer. “Through our robust and privacy-conscious data collaboration platform, we enable brands to elevate their marketing strategies and optimize campaign performance. By enriching their first-party data with their data from Start.io, brands can unlock valuable insights and boost the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

AppsFlyer’s Data Collaboration Platform utilizes its Data Clean Room (DCR) and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to offer an optimal and trusted environment for commerce or retail media networks and advertisers to provision data, build segmented audiences, and activate campaigns. Afterward, retailers and advertisers alike can uncover unparalleled business insights utilizing the robust measurement tools natively built within the platform.

“We are excited to partner with AppsFlyer, whose privacy-first data policies are driving real value for customers,“ said Andrew Younan Start.io’s Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering. “In an era of increasing signal loss, it’s crucial for brands and publishers alike to build robust audience datasets that put privacy front and center.”