June 17, 2024

Leveraging AWS Clean Rooms helps brands, commerce media networks, and social platforms with multiple use cases, such as audience analysis and targeting, that enable trust and data-enriched customer personalization necessary for business growth.

Brands looking to advertise in the commerce media space face significant challenges such as inadequate data accessibility and breadth of coverage, a scarcity of trusted platforms for targeted audience segmentation, and the need for seamless omnichannel performance measurement. By integrating AWS Clean Rooms, brands that utilize the AppsFlyer DCP will be able to index their audiences and target the most relevant cohorts on the commerce media network without data movement from AppsFlyer’s DCP. This integration allows AppsFlyer DCP advertisers to allocate their budgets more efficiently across their media strategy, maximizing the return on their marketing investments.

“At AppsFlyer, we are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that drive business growth while prioritizing privacy and security,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager, Privacy Cloud, at AppsFlyer. “By combining the shared power of AWS Clean Rooms and the AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform, which includes our award-winning Data Clean Room, we enable turnkey offerings that empower our global customer base to grow their user base and better personalize their interactions with their customers in a privacy-centric and business-friendly environment.”

Commerce media networks face several key challenges including brand acquisition concerning non-endemic brands, the absence of highly secure environments for precise segmentation, and the need for robust omnichannel performance measurement to complete the customer engagement loop. With the AWS Clean Rooms integration, commerce media networks can achieve business growth through more audience insights, more relevant targeting, and closed-loop measurement capabilities using AppsFlyer DCP. By leveraging AppsFlyer’s solutions, these networks can better understand and reach target audiences on behalf of their advertisers, leading to improved campaign performance, better personalization and revenue growth.

“AWS Clean Rooms is a privacy-enhanced data collaboration service that allows companies to analyze and collaborate on collective datasets from multiple owners without having to share underlying data with each other,” said Adam Solomon, Global Head of Business Development for AWS Clean Rooms and AWS Entity Resolution at AWS. “By integrating this technology, AppsFlyer is enabling its buy and sell side customers to unlock and take action on new insights that drive collective business outcomes while ensuring the highest levels of data privacy.”