May 4, 2021

At-Bay’s enhanced Tech E&O quoting journey provides wholesale brokers with an easy way to get instant, bindable quotes through the company’s digital platform. Easing the burden of the quoting process, the new offering includes:

  • Instant, bindable quotes for a wide range of businesses up to $25M in revenue
  • Expanded auto-quote capabilities for five new business classes
  • Enhanced underwriting technology to reduce likelihood of bottlenecks or referrals
  • A dynamic, easy-to-understand application that changes based on answers provided
  • Simpler questions with no complex revenue breakdown or contractual details required

“At-Bay’s mission has always been to combine industry-leading insurance with world-class technology, and our enhanced Tech E&O experience embodies that mission,” said Brett Sadoff, Head of Insurance at At-Bay. “We established a new standard last year when we started offering the first automatically underwritten Tech E&O policy. Now, we’re innovating further to push the industry forward.”

On the heels of raising $74 million in new funding, At-Bay is further enacting its vision of digitizing insurance and leveraging technology to improve the business.

“At-Bay has identified new ways to use technology to innovate in the insurance industry,” said Meital Kushnir, Director of Product Management at At-Bay. “We’ve streamlined the quoting journey for our broker partners, which allows them to move faster and do more business. The automation in our enhanced Tech E&O experience also creates new opportunities for our underwriting team and allows them to focus their efforts on more complex accounts.”

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