February 15, 2018

Eyeview is leveraging real-time, pre-bid technology from industry-leading partners DoubleVerify, Grapeshot and Integral Ad Science to filter every single impression for each campaign and only bidding on impressions once they’ve been identified as safe and relevant. This proactive approach ensures that potential safety issues are addressed before they can arise and negatively impact a brand’s campaign.

Eyeview’s brand safety protection ensures that brands activate solely in contextually relevant and brand safe environments by ensuring:

  • Always-on blocking of severe content categories pre-bid (adult content, drugs and alcohol, graphic violence and weapons, hate speech and profanity, illegal activities, etc.)
  • Custom category blocking based on individual brand criteria
  • Keyword-level contextual blocking across negative content categories
  • Custom keyword blocking to anti-target trending toxic content
  • An updated blacklist of over 255,000 unsafe sites with the ability to implement any other site blacklists provided by clients or partners

“We believe in personalized video experiences,” says Andrew Wynschenk, Product Manager at Eyeview. “Our clients don’t want to associate with bad content. While most of what is considered bad is universal, there are nuances to specific brands that must be tailored to. We’ve built the tools to ensure that we can have the flexibility to deliver on what each individual client requires.”

Eyeview partners this brand-safe guarantee with its industry-leading video personalization capabilities to drive benchmark-breaking return-on-ad-spend for clients such as Lowe’s, P&G, Walgreens, Hyundai and Bayer.