July 12, 2019

Fiverr, (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, took a significant step today in expanding its e-commerce catalogue by introducing its first dedicated store for gaming-related digital services. Customers can now purchase high quality services in 30 categories related to gaming industry such as character modeling, game writing and trailers from skilled developers, designers and videographers.

Over the last year, Fiverr has seen rapid organic growth in gaming-related purchases from buyers and gig registrations by sellers,” said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO. “Launching our Gaming Store brings us another step closer towards our goal of being the everything store for digital services. It provides convenient access to high quality gaming talent and gives our freelancers additional opportunities to do what they love. We want to help power the current growth that exists in the broader gaming industry, with the freelance talent and services to help game creators meet their needs.”

The Gaming Store brings together digital services that are directly related to game creation and development. Some of these categories include:

– Game Development
– QA
– Character Modeling
– Storyboards
– Game Design
– Character Animation
– Game Writing
– Game Trailers
– Producers and Composers
– Graphics for Streamers
– Animation for Streamers
– Video Editing

Stephen Baer, founder of The Game Agency, a software development company that creates custom game-based solutions commented: “As a medium sized business, it is really challenging to find freelancers that align with your timing needs and your budget requirements.” He continued, “while our network is great, it is only so big – so we come to Fiverr often and we know that we are going to find the talent and the quality that we need.”

In 2018, the gaming industry, according to research by market analyst group Newzoo, was worth a reported $135B. As the technology used in gaming expands, so will the need for a wide variety of content, services, and products that surround this market. It’s not just traditional gaming companies that are supporting this growth — it’s the tech giants too, with Apple, Google, Facebook all recently announcing their entry into the industry. As the number of companies that enter this space increases, so does the opportunity for talented freelancers with the differentiated skill sets needed to service this dynamic industry.

By launching this new industry-specific store, Fiverr is using its “service-as-a-product” model to democratize access to services including quality game development, game writing and video editing by providing a fast and frictionless experience to buy and sell these types of services. Never before has the gaming industry had access to global freelance talent with the click of a button.