November 30, 2018 has launched in Germany. The online marketplace for creative and digital services now has a localized website with country-specific functions for Germans. This launch marks the first European branch of the Israeli tech company.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people can buy or offer thousands of small services. In eight different categories, such as ‘Graphics & Design’ and ‘Music & Audio’, you can find tasks like “I will design a flat minimalist logo in 24 hours” or “I will record an American male voice-over”. Initially, all tasks were priced 5 dollars, hence the name Fiverr, but now you can find tasks with all kind of prices on the website.

Already 130,000 users in Germany

And now Fiverr has launched in Germany, where it already has 130,000 users. In this European country, the company’s focus will primarily be on small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. Fiverr starts with a five-person team, but by early 2019, the team is expected to grow to ten employees, Onlinehändler-News writes.

German freelancers are in huge demand

This website also knows that Fiverr already tried and failed to launch a dedicated services marketplace in Germany in 2011. “Especially Germany, with its strong economy and the many SMEs, is a highly attractive market for us”, CEO Micha Kaufman says. “But German freelancers are in greater demand than ever. Our surveys shows that ‘made in Germany’ is a clear seal of quality for services internationally