October 17, 2018

Greg Coleman, the former global president of Criteo and Paul Haddad, president of A4 (Altice USA Data & Advertising Business), representing market leadership in both performance marketing and the future of advanced advertising, join the team to fuel the growth and continued adoption of the Eyeview Platform.

As investment in digital grows, marketers are increasingly expected to deliver compelling media experiences coupled with accountability for their spends.  As TV and digital converge, significant advances are being made to deliver measurable video advertising solutions which directly impact sales and business outcomes.

Eyeview, the industry leader in personalized, outcome-based video advertising, has been working with many of the biggest brands in the world to evolve video beyond a broad awareness mechanism into a precision-based performance tool that delivers the indisputable power of sight, sound and motion coupled with the deep creative analytics and intelligence of digital media.

“We are very pleased to welcome Greg and Paul to the team,” said Oren Harnevo, CEO and co-founder of Eyeview.  “These individuals bring a wealth of expertise in two huge advertising markets that are currently converging – Performance Marketing and Advanced Multiscreen Advertising. Their tremendous experience will help us harness the power of TV, with digital video targetability and measurability, and disrupt the market.  We look forward to their contributions and are excited they chose Eyeview.”

“Providing marketers with better proven return on their advertising dollars is a great value proposition for marketers and is what they have grown to expect across all channels,” said Greg Coleman, a leading pioneer in digital media and performance marketing, with previous roles as president at Criteo, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Yahoo! and AOL. “Eyeview’s Platform is providing best-in-class solutions that truly deliver results and I believe marketers will pay attention.”

“We’re in the midst of the evolution from traditional television advertising to advanced audience-based multi-screen targeting with proven outcomes,” said Paul Haddad, president of A4.  “I’ve seen many platforms and solutions trying to address these requirements, but none have the effectiveness and sophistication of Eyeview’s solution. I am excited to be part of Eyeview’s mission of raising the quality of people-based targeting and driving the greatest value for brands and marketers.”