September 15, 2021

Guardicore today announced a new technology integration as part of its Fabric-Ready technology alliance partnership with Fortinet, allowing security teams to simplify Zero Trust architecture enforcement while driving innovation in dynamic hybrid environment.

Today’s security teams are in a catch 22 – they must apply controls that protect critical assets and mitigate risk, while allowing application owners and DevOps to introduce new applications without impacting performance,” said Sharon Besser, SVP Business Development, Guardicore. “The complexity of modern hybrid environments compounds these challenges as consistent controls must extend on-premises to the cloud. Our integration with Fortinet allows security teams to automate security controls in conjunction with operational changes, simplifying security management and ensuring protection doesn’t slow pace of innovation.”

The powerful combination of the Guardicore Centra security platform and Fortinet’s Fabric Connector technology allows organizations to synchronize the enforcement of granular segmentation policies with operational changes across hybrid environments. The integration also enables customers to apply policy-based firewall controls using east-west traffic inspection, leveraging unified labeling and asset management solutions for internal applications. This ensures consistent access controls are applied to both north-south traffic at the environment perimeter, in addition to internal traffic moving laterally. The result is a unified and consistent security layer that’s always up to date.

“Together, Fortinet and Guardicore offer enterprises a multi-layered security strategy that prevents cybercriminals from entering the corporate IT environment and enhances security efficacy,” said John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet. “With Guardicore as a Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner in Fortinet’s Open Ecosystem, Guardicore is able to seamlessly integrate its solutions with the Fortinet Security Fabric, offering customers comprehensive security.”

Key benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Consistent security for modern hybrid environments.
  • Zero Trust architecture enforcement without expensive tools and resources.
  • Rapid time to deployment with turnkey integrations.
  • Automated security controls to ensure protection keeps pace with DevOps, enabling business innovation.