December 3, 2019

Jfrog, “The Liquid Software Company” known for enabling continuous update flows with advanced DevOps platform tools, today announced the availability of the popular JFrog Platform subscription package Cloud Pro X on AWS Marketplace. JFrog’s Cloud Pro X subscription delivers JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray solutions in a single, integrated bundle, allowing customers to take advantage of the trusted AWS cloud platform while managing and securing their software artifacts with JFrog Artifactory and Xray.

Optimized performance is achieved as a security scanning tool, JFrog Xray, natively integrates with the software repository, JFrog Artifactory, providing automated and continuous scanning to identify and prevent known security vulnerabilities and open source licensing violations from making it to production. JFrog Xray also includes VulnDB the most comprehensive vulnerability intelligence available.

“Businesses throughout the world are accelerating their move towards cloud and services while increasing their adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps to account for continuous delivery and seamless deployments,” said Casey O’Mara, Sr. Director of Cloud Alliances at JFrog. “We are excited to announce our launch of JFrog Cloud Pro X and JFrog Container Registry on AWS Marketplace. Developers will now be able to secure their CI/CD pipelines not only in their data center but now as a SaaS Service offered in the cloud. This is exciting because now you can deploy reliable, secure applications all on cloud infrastructure.”

The availability of JFrog Xray on AWS Marketplace comes on the heels of the recent public release of JFrog Container Registry. JFrog Container Registry, powered by Artifactory, is a hybrid Docker and Helm container registry that provides the repository and management tool for your container images. It produces the world’s richest metadata, providing rich storage capabilities and fully-hybrid capabilities for maximum flexibility. This community edition of Artifactory is free to use on-prem, in the cloud, or both and provides features needed to accelerate an organization’s adoption of microservices and containers.