December 11, 2023

Kicking off the day with a private tour of Emirates Stadium, guests got up close and personal to the pitch, owners box and media room before being led to our private suite for a discussion with Emily Jones, Senior Venue Analyst at Arsenal and Minute Media’s Head of Impact, Ayelet Mavor.‍

In the discussion, we learned how Arsenal is supporting the women’s game and encouraging the same level of passion for the Arsenal women’s team as their male counterparts through their marketing and fan engagement activities.‍

“The first thing we realized when we started on this journey of increased growth which came after the Lionesses success in the EUROS, is that the audience for a women’s game is completely different from a men’s match & that determines how we market and engage the audience.” Emily Jones, Senior Venue Analyst at Arsenal.‍

With the audience for women’s matches being mostly women and families, it’s exciting to see the sport reach the next generation of fans.‍

Minute Media has long been a proud supporter and champion of women’s sports and we’re thrilled to have worked with Arsenal WFC to bring more visibility to women’s football.