March 15, 2024

During his first tenure (2016-2021) with the organization, Rich served as President and Chief Revenue Office at Minute Media. Rich was instrumental in building Minute Media’s US business and operations, paving the way in critical areas such as sales and marketing, commercial audience development, content and tech syndication, rights acquisition and data and demand facilitation. Prior to his return, Rich served as the CEO of TSN Holdings, a parent company to The Sporting News and operators of daily fantasy platform, SuperDraft, amongst other assets. ‍

Rich has an impressive resume and vast experience in the sports and digital media industries ranging from early stage start-ups to large organizations such as the NFL, and was previously recognized as Digiday’s 2018 Publishing Executive of the Year. ‍

Minute Media is confident that the second leg of Rich’s journey with the company will be as impactful as the first, and with his leadership and expertise, the organization is well poised for future growth and innovation.