December 16, 2020

Growth investor Qumra Capital today announced the final closing of Qumra Capital III which enhances its capacity to invest in Israel’s top performing tech growth companies. Fund III closed at $260 million and was backed by Qumra’s long-standing investors, joined by new distinguished financial institutions as well as entrepreneurs and CEOs of leading Israeli tech companies.

Qumra Capital, led by Boaz Dinte, Erez Shachar, Sivan Shamri Dahan and Daniel Slutzky is Israel’s first and leading growth investment fund, focused on strong performing technology companies. Founded in 2014 Qumra has assembled a top-notch portfolio of growth technology companies led by exceptionally ambitious and visionary teams. The fund’s strong track record includes exits in Fiverr (7Bn NYSE market cap) and JFrog (6.3Bn NASDAQ Market cap ) alongside investments in Riskified, AppsFlyer, Talkspace, Minute Media, JoyTunes Guardicore and more.

“We are grateful for the vote of confidence placed by our investors at these uncertain times,” Erez Shachar, Managing Partner at Qumra.  “This significant funding will enable us to continue supporting  Israel’s thriving growth industry as its scales, reaching new heights year after year. Since founding Qumra I in 2014, Israel’s growth market has evolved significantly with companies reaching significant milestones and maturity before being acquired or going public. We are humbled to have supported the growth of some of the most exciting companies in the market.”

“Qumra III will follow the same strategy of investing in fast growth, revenues generating companies with a proven product- market-sales fit,” said Sivan Shamri Dahan, Qumra’s Managing Partner.  “We will continue to lead growth investment rounds with $15-30 million investments in companies led by strong management teams that have global market leadership potential. We are driven by the passion to build large Israeli companies that will showcase Israeli technology globally and propel the Israeli economy.”

Boaz Dinte, Managing Partner at Qumra said that “our leadership position in the market is the result of our close ties with the entrepreneurial community. We are open and trusted advisors to the companies we invest in that receive our full collective experience and count on an entrepreneur-friendly attitude, every step of their journey.”