March 7, 2023

Rapid, the leading API hub provider that empowers millions of developers and enterprises of all sizes to build, consume and manage APIs, today announced the public beta launch of its API Hub for Business. This new offering allows any business to quickly launch a custom hub to grow its ecosystem, create new revenue streams, and monetize APIs with a flexible price model that supports every API protocol and every API.

“By offering businesses a flexible and transparent API hub, we help reduce the time needed to bring products and services to the market, facilitate their engagement with partners and third parties, and ultimately give them a competitive advantage,” said Wade Wegner, chief product officer at Rapid. “APIs are the building blocks of modern software development that developers rely on to support their organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. API Hub for Business meets the unique needs of organizations looking to start and grow their business.”

Rapid is expanding its product offerings, allowing organizations of all sizes to create their own API hubs, following simple online steps. Rapid provides a centralized location for all APIs, supporting any type and category across any API infrastructure, including multiple API gateways. From individual developers to enterprises like International Air Transport Association (IATA), Poly, Scuderia AlphaTauri, Sun Life Financial, and others, Rapid has a product to advance any organization’s API strategy.

Key Features of API Hub for Business include:

  • Full ownership of the payment process  allows businesses to use their Stripe account for monetizing APIs, eliminating the need to use a third-party for financial transactions with customers.
  • Customizable API Hub – offers control over the look and feel of the experience by allowing for precise branding and customization, including company logo, colors, and imagery, enabling businesses to tailor the API Hub to their specific needs.
  • Unique domain – provides a dedicated tenant, allowing businesses to promote their APIs within their dedicated space, enhancing their brand, experience, and discoverability in search.

API Hub for Business provides tools to discover, use, and boost API adoption among partners and third-party developers. In a report1 published last year, Gartner® analysts John Santoro and Mark O’Neill stated, “According to Gartner’s 2022 March Hot Topics Survey, Ninety-four percent of organizations have internal APIs, but only 67% have externally exposed APIs. Instead of focusing solely on revenue as a way to justify the investment, consider the indirect value that the ecosystem can provide. Partners produce value for customers by creating innovative, complementary applications. Ecosystem providers then can market that their ecosystem offers greater innovation and more complete capabilities than they could deliver alone. In this way, marketplaces improve the solution’s appeal, allowing providers to sell more products.”