April 26, 2018

Delta Tau Delta and Talkspace, the global leader in online therapy, announced a partnership to provide online counseling to the fraternity’s 9,000+ members. It will enable the students to connect with Talkspace’s licensed counselors from the convenience of their smartphones.

The collaboration brings a modern and student-friendly mental health solution to select colleges across the nation in a time when anxiety and depression levels are on the rise among students.

Mental health on college campuses has already been widely reported as a crisis across the U.S. A recent study by National Alliance on Mental Illness found 64 percent of students who dropped out of college did so because of a mental health condition. Also, an analysis conducted by the *Center for Collegiate Mental Health uncovered that half of students who sought counseling last school year reported suffering from depression. Anxiety was even more common, affecting 62 percent of students seeking counseling.

Delta Tau Delta is at the forefront of improving student mental health by confronting the stigma of counseling and providing it to members of the on-campus Greek community. Through partnerships with organizations like Talkspace, Delta Tau Delta sends a powerful message that access to mental health resources on campus should be available to all students. After being matched with a counselor in less than 24 hours, students on Talkspace can text or send audio or video messages to their counselor at their convenience.

The partnership between Delta Tau Delta and Talkspace follows a 2016 announcement that Alpha Tau Omega is providing Talkspace counseling to its brothers on campus, and represents the second major U.S. fraternity to adopt text counseling for their community.

“Delta Tau Delta’s students are busy, on-the-go, but also dealing with the stress of college life. They need flexible care that fits their lifestyle,” said Talkspace’s Lynn Hamilton. The lack of access to mental health support and resources on college campuses represent a growing epidemic among college students, but today Delta Tau Delta makes a strong statement about prioritizing mental wellness.

“Delta Tau Delta is proud to support our undergraduate brothers as they seek to improve their mental health,” said Delta Tau Delta Executive Vice President Jim Russell. “More than 75 percent of all mental health conditions begin before the age of 24, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is why college is such a critical time for health resources and support.”

Delta Tau Delta and its members are committed to their mission of leading “Lives of Excellence.” As such, the Fraternity is dedicated to the mental and physical wellness of its members, providing critical support for its young leaders throughout their educational, philanthropic, and social lives on campus and beyond.