June 4, 2024

Fully Integrated Experience to Support Multiple Provider Types: The Home Smart Clinic now provides a fully integrated experience so that individuals can use their device with different care modalities and provider networks to access virtual primary, specialty, and urgent care. For example, for many members, their health plan may use different provider networks during business hours versus after hours. This complete integration increases flexibility to work with different provider organizations and means that members can get comprehensive, around-the-clock care.

TytoShare, Enabling TytoCare Exams to be Shared with Anyone: TytoShare will allow patients to share a link to their exams with anyone, including other providers or specialists, even if the receiving clinician is not associated with a TytoCare partner. This further supports TytoCare’s integration with and expansion to different systems and methods of care.

Pre-Visit Exams to Increase Patient Convenience and Provider Efficiency: On the patient’s own time, families using the Home Smart Clinic can now capture and send exam data, including lung and heart recordings, throat and ear visualizations, or any other type of TytoCare exam, to their provider before their scheduled visit. This increases convenience for users and enables the provider to spend their face-to-face time with patients more effectively. Among users who have tested this feature, pre-visit exams reduced actual visit duration by 35 percent.

Enhanced Engagement and Onboarding Capabilities with the TytoCare Virtual Guide, Called Emma: A new, dynamic onboarding experience, guided by a multimedia avatar called Emma, helps patients build trust while learning how and when to use their Home Smart Clinic, including how to accurately take exams.
“In order for telehealth to work, it has to be able to be used by a range of payers and providers, seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and workflows, and be convenient and engaging for patients,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of TytoCare. “This release levels up the Home Smart Clinic by making it compatible across care networks; enabling provider efficiency and collaboration; and engaging patients for greater ease-of-use.”

TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic is the only virtual care solution on the market that can replicate the doctor’s office in the home. The solution combines TytoCare’s handheld remote examination device, which is FDA-cleared to perform heart, lung, throat, ear, and body temperature exams; Tyto Insights™ clinical decision support software; and Tyto Engagement Labs™ to provide high-quality, accessible virtual care in the home and enable health plans and providers to deliver on expected ROI and drive improved health outcomes.

The Home Smart Clinic delivers 59 percent more accurate diagnoses than traditional audio/visual telehealth solutions and resolves 98 percent of visits without necessitating an in-person follow-up appointment. TytoCare has been shown to reduce the total cost of care for health plans by an average of five percent and reduce visits to the emergency department by 11.3 percent.

The seventh version of TytoCare’s software will be released to partners and deployed to the millions of TytoCare devices currently in homes around the world over the coming months. Additional updates, including a provider onboarding program, are planned for later this year.