September 21, 2022

The bold move comes at a critical time for small businesses given current economic turbulence and rising prices due to inflation. In fact, many software companies catering to small businesses or deskless workers have recently raised their prices.

“Over the past six years, we had the privilege of supporting thousands of small businesses around the globe,” said Amir Nehemia, CEO and co-founder of Connecteam. “We saw how challenging it is to run a small business during these uncertain times. Covid didn’t make life easier and the current market conditions aren’t helping either. That’s why we decided to help where we can and support small businesses further by providing them with a substantial toolkit for free, even at the expense of tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue. We hope that by giving Connecteam’s full set of capabilities for free, small business owners can focus on running their business while having the peace of mind that Connecteam helps them better manage their team.”

Connecteam helps companies of all sizes and across multiple industries – from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 firms in such industries as construction, security, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, restaurant & hospitality and others – improve how they manage and engage their deskless workers on the frontlines. The company’s all-in-one app includes features for scheduling and tracking time and attendance (including time off), communications, learning and training, employee recognition, and more, and is designed to help manage the 80% of the global workforce, representing 2.7 billion workers, that are not tied to a desk. The app is fully customizable to serve the needs of companies of any size without the need for IT support.

The Exodus Experience, a Massachusetts-based business providing luxury photo booth experiences for special events, had the opportunity to try Connecteam for free as part of the pilot program that preceded this new offering. “The impact has been transformational,” said owner Michel Ludgy. “Not only has it made my job easier when it comes to mundane tasks like scheduling and tracking hours for payroll, but it has made everyone at our little company feel far more engaged, connected, and motivated. Every small business owner owes it to themselves to try it.”

Connecteam investor Saagar Kulkarni, a partner at Stripes, applauded the move. “We are very proud of Connecteam and the leadership they are showing with today’s initiative. It shows how dedicated they are to empowering small businesses. It’s a brave move to give up on revenue at times like this, and we couldn’t be more supportive.”

Included in the “Free-for-Life” Small Business plan:

Small businesses with up to 10 employees will be able to access the full capabilities of Connecteam’s all-in-one product for free (estimated value: $4,000/year). These capabilities include:

  • Operations: Time tracking, scheduling, task management, checklists and forms
  • Communications: Internal chat, organizational directory, surveys, updates and announcements
  • HR and Skills: Employee onboarding, recognition and rewards, celebrations, employee documentation management, employee timeline, training and skill building

How to access the offering:

Small businesses interested in taking advantage of this offer can go to to launch a company account or head to Connecteam’s Small Business Portal.