November 2, 2022

Datarails added another prestigious award to its showcase of business awards over the past few years. The native Excel FP&A software solution ranked as the number one Most Promising B2B Startup by The Information, a top technology news site.

The third edition of the annual “The Information” award was given to the top 50 most promising startups in eight different categories which included Data and AI, B2B and Cybersecurity, Consumer and Creator, Fintech, Commerce, Asia, Crypto, and Media.

Datarails came in first place in the B2B and Cybersecurity category for “helping corporate financial planners and analysts move their financial data into Excel in an automated way and organize it so they can shorten the time it takes to obtain detailed information about the finances of a specific department or revenue line within the company.”

The fast-growing software company of about 200 employees caters to small and medium sized businesses who typically use Excel for their finances and want to greatly reduce manual work and increase insights.

The Information’s Most Promising Startups Award differs from other awards in that the businesses involved in the competition are independently researched by the Information’s team of journalists. The Informations’ reporters “consult industry sources and gather previously undisclosed financial information” in order to determine which businesses are the most promising.

The startups that have the potential to be the most valuable businesses in their categories are chosen based on “current revenue, business model, and growth prospects,” according to their website., a Chicago based B2B startup that allows companies to deploy app servers close to their users all over the world with no ops required, and Sevco, an Austin based cybersecurity company rounded out the top three winners in the highly competitive B2B and Cybersecurity category.