December 12, 2018

JFrog, the Universal DevOps technology leader known for enabling liquid software via continuous software update flows, is announcing the coming availability of JFrog GoCenter, the first-ever central repository for software modules developed in the popular Go programming language. GoCenter is a free, open source and public service that will be provided for the broad Go community in early 2019, and is being showcased at KubeCon Seattle.

“JFrog was founded on open source technology and on making developers’ lives easier,” said Yoav Landman, JFrog co-founder and CTO. “GoCenter underscores our commitment to the open source Go community and addresses a need for reusable Go modules that every Go developer experiences.”

Go, “the cloud programing language,” is the world’s single fastest-growing and fourth most popular software programming language, used by nearly two million developers (based on 2018 GitHub usage). To date, Go has lacked a single, public, trusted source for developers who utilize and manage Go Modules, which are Go-specific software packages. As companies continue to adopt Go, the need has arisen for Go packages to be more predictable, immutable and manageable in a publicly-accessible repository. Without a public, stable repository, developers need to re-package their modules over and over, wasting huge amounts of time and energy. Further, the absence of standards can damage the inherent trust of the modules, which may change at the source. GoCenter will provide support for thousands of Go-oriented projects, by building and validating Go modules and making them available on this public platform.

Earlier this year JFrog announced support for Go within Artifactory, the universal enterprise repository manager. As the first repository manager to offer Go support, Artifactory will also include GoCenter as a default remote repository. This will allow millions of Artifactory users to set up private, in-house Go repositories that include modules from GoCenter for internal reuse within the organization.

“As heavy users of Go ourselves, we recognize the community’s need for an immutable repository of Go modules. We’re proud and excited to announce that GoCenter is coming to the community in support of the growing base of Go developers and development teams,” said Jagan Subramanian, VP of Community & Partner Engineering for JFrog. “We look forward to the continuing innovation around Go, and hope that GoCenter enables faster adoption of Go Modules in the marketplace.”

Contributions of projects to GoCenter will be a simple and public process, giving full transparency to developers and DevOps teams. The rapid contribution of new Go projects by the community is anticipated as developers freely utilize GoCenter. The repository will be populated with thousands of modules, including packages for popular technologies such as Kubernetes.

JFrog GoCenter will be publicly available to serve the Go community in early 2019.