December 2, 2020

Minute Media, a leading global technology and digital publishing platform, and Protected Media, an anti-fraud innovator, are announcing a wide-reaching collaboration to ensure validated high-quality traffic for advertisers across the company’s publishing assets and technology users. Protected Media’s cybersecurity-based ad fraud solution enables Minute Media to create transparency and trust between advertisers and publishers that use its rich video content and platform. Straddling both the supply and demand sides of the advertising supply chain, Protected Media’s cross-chain solution puts Minute Media in a unique position to solve ad fraud at the source.

Minute Media has been steadily growing as a sports video content giant and an infrastructure provider for the publishing ecosystem, powering in excess of a billion video streams each month in North America alone alongside its tier one publishers. But with scale comes responsibility, and now, with video’s rising attractiveness to both publishers and advertisers, Minute Media is upping the ante to ensure that both their partners enjoy the direct and indirect advantages of fraud-free, validated traffic.

Protected Media, provider of ad fraud protection based on cybersecurity methodologies, currently the most innovative approach that guarantees authenticated and verified user engagement across the digital advertising supply chain. Protected Media’s solution offers stronger, more proactive protection because it caters to both supply and demand, creating an internal feedback loop of cross-industry knowledge sharing and collaboration to effectively fight fraud. By partnering with Protected Media, Minute Media guarantees the quality of their audiences and supplies publishers with tools to create transparency and trust.

“We’ve chosen Protected Media over the competition because of the unique value proposition offered by its cutting edge solution,” said Sharon Weiss, Minute Media’s CTO. “Protected Media empowers publishers by bridging the gap between supply and demand and solving ad fraud at the source. Now, publishers and advertisers using Minute Media’s technology can feel even more confident that they are protected from fraud.”

Amichai Zuntz, Protected Media’s EVP, said that “our collaboration with Minute Media sends out an important message to the industry: the growing sophistication and scale of ad fraud can only be eradicated through technologies that work across the supply chain. When verification and authentication work holistically, fraudsters aren’t able to get through the cracks usually left by fragmented protection. As a publisher and a technology provider, Minute Media is the perfect partner to realize this vision.”

Minute Media is the owner of six digital media publications across the world, including 90min, DBLTAP, Mental Floss, The Big Lead and recently acquired The Players’ Tribune and FanSided. Minute Media has created the industry’s leading digital publishing platform and uses its proprietary technology to power content and media solutions for its own properties in addition to the licensing of standalone and full stack solutions to other leading publishers and digital brands. It has currently raised $160M in funding, and holds offices in 13 cities across four continents.

Protected Media is an MRC-accredited global innovator in ad fraud prevention and detection. ProtectedTV, Protected Media’s patent pending CTV solution, offers a unique three-way authentication and verification technology that guarantees the validity and quality of any given transaction across the CTV supply chain. Founded in 2014 by veterans of Israel’s cybersecurity industry, Protected Media uses cyber methodologies and the most advanced technological stack to protect its over 100 global customers from sophisticated ad fraud and current and emerging threats. HQ in Tel Aviv and an office in New York.