February 5, 2023

Commerce data is more valuable than ever, but not always available natively from retailers. Analytic Index provides organic and paid search, market share, shelf, and competitive intelligence for brands and agencies selling on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Kroger. Unlike many of its competitors, Analytic Index delivers a holistic solution inclusive of all categories, relevant keywords, and items, without the requirement of seeding first-party data. This is a huge boon to agencies, meaning their analytics are available immediately without data collection and ramp time.

Integrating these key data points and insights as inputs to Skai’s activation and optimization platform, advertisers can improve their programs by leveraging multi-retailer performance data, competitive intelligence, and category insights with no setup time or categorization requirements. Paired with Skai’s cross-retailer automation and optimization, this intelligence offers a clear advantage in highly competitive marketplaces.

“While competition remains strong, privacy regulations continue to increase, and the consumer journey becomes more complicated, advertisers rely on data to reach customers,” said Nich Weinheimer, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Skai. “But, retailers don’t provide the full picture in their native platforms, so our partnership with Analytic Index fills in the blanks, making it easy for Skai advertisers to access both the commerce intelligence they need and the omnichannel marketing solutions to capitalize on it.”

“We spent a long time scoping out best-in-class partners, and Skai presents the best of retail ad tech with its technology platform, global coverage, and ecommerce expertise,” said Nathan Rigby, Co-Founder of Analytic Index. “We are confident that Skai and Analytic Index will be a transformative combination to accelerate brand and agency success.”