June 2, 2022

Nexar, a leading AI computer vision company, today announced the opening of a new office for their Asia Pacific headquarters, located in Singapore. With this expansion, the smart dash-cam company is extending its dash cam offerings, fleet management system, and mapping capabilities to one of the world’s leading hi-tech cities. The Singapore office will be led by former Shift Technology executive, Jong Tong Foo who will serve as Regional VP, APAC.

s the leading smart dash-cam provider in the US, Nexar enables vision-based applications for safer driving. Nexar’s newest dash cam offering, the Nexar One brings the most sophisticated level of car security the dash cam landscape has yet to offer. With a connected LTE device that records as you drive at an Ultra HD 4K resolution, the camera delivers never-before-seen AI capabilities and video streaming.

Drives are automatically recorded to the mobile app, with pivotal moments backed up to the unlimited Nexar Cloud. With the launch of their new fleet management system and Nexar One dash cam, the company now offers security and safety measures for drivers and fleet management systems, all of which will be available on Singapore’s roads.

“As Singapore works with MIT to build smarter city transportation, the city’s need for digital twins and real-time street mapping is growing exponentially” said Jong Tong Foo, Nexar’s Regional VP, APAC. “By expanding Nexar’s Asia Pacific offerings, the company’s dash cams will better protect the roads, highways, and drivers in the Far East and I’m honored to be a part of that.”

Nexar’s expansion will extend its offerings of both driver and fleet management into the Asia Pacific region. With live-stream access to Nexar One’s AI-based dual-facing dash cam, fleet managers can monitor risky, distracted driving behaviors, while drivers can access a complete view of front-facing road events, used as proof in the event of a collision or near collision. The dash cam provides both fleet managers and drivers with an “eyewitness” in case of a collision. If an accident does occur, fleet managers and drivers can opt into sharing the collision report immediately with the insurer, creating a complete visual reconstruction of the event.

“With a growing interest for dash cams in the Asia Pacific region, we’re eager to establish a company office in one of the world’s leading hi-tech cities,” said Eran Shir, Nexar’s CEO. “Expanding our fleet management system into the Asia Pacific market will provide real-time mapping and expansive data sets to help keep the roads and drivers safe.”