August 10, 2018

Sigma Kappa Sorority and Talkspace, the global leader in online therapy, have announced a partnership to provide online counseling to members of the Sorority’s 120-plus collegiate chapters across 36 states. The partnership will enable students to connect with Talkspace’s licensed therapists from the convenience of their smartphones. The collaboration brings a modern and student-friendly mental health solution to Sigma Kappa members across the nation as a new term starts, and in a time when anxiety and depression levels are on the rise among college students.
Sigma Kappa is at the forefront of improving student mental health by breaking down the stigma of therapy and providing it to its collegiate members at no cost to them. Through partnerships with organizations like Talkspace, Sigma Kappa sends a strong
message that access to mental health resources on campus should be a right for all students. After being matched with a therapist in less than 24 hours, students on Talkspace can text or send audio or video messages to their therapist at their convenience.
“As Sigma Kappa’s collegiate members enter a new term, we want to prepare them to deal with the stresses of college life. Knowing that they have this resource to start the year gives them an opportunity to begin their studies positively, with ample support, and in a way that complements the college lifestyle,” said Talkspace’s Lynn Hamilton.
“Sigma Kappa is proud to support our undergraduate members by providing direct access to mental health resources,” said Sara Seely Chacon, national president. “More than 75 percent of all mental health conditions begin before the age of 24, according to
the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is why college is such a critical time for health resources and support. Sigma Kappa is dedicated to the mental and physical wellness of its members, providing critical support for its young leaders throughout their
educational, philanthropic, and social lives on campus and beyond.”