July 19, 2018

Video marketing technology company, Eyeview, announced today it has received $20 million in equity financing and debt led by current and new investors. The company will use the funding to further invest in its proprietary creative technology and data assets and continued growth.

Eyeview is helping brands create personalized video ads across any platform including Mobile, Desktop, Addressable TV, ConnectedTV, OTT, Facebook and other social platforms. Eyeview integrates seamlessly with marketers’ ad-stacks including all DMPs, DSPs, CRM, Measurement, Brand Safety and Attribution platforms, feeding proprietary data to brands for their use.

“I am excited to announce today that Eyeview has raised an additional $20 million, a significant milestone on our path to delivering upon the promise of 1-to-1 outcome-based video marketing,” says Oren Harnevo, CEO and co-founder of Eyeview. “In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, it’s important to provide marketers with differentiated offerings in order to rise above the crowd, and I believe Eyeview does just that. Today’s marketers need to find ways to use their vast audience data. We help them use that data to inform creative narratives and decisions to drive better business outcomes. Marketers need to deepen their understanding of what messages motivate their consumers to come to the store and make a purchase. Our technology empowers brands to leverage all of their data together with Eyeview’s unique creative affinity data to drive unique and resonant video narratives, see a positive return on investment and get actionable insights that port across all channels. Our existing and new investors are investing in us because of our differentiated technology, our ability to deliver proven impact on business outcomes and unique insights for our clients.”

“When investing in marketing technologies, we focus on companies that invest in differentiated assets, especially those that expand brands’ knowledge of their business and consumers in a meaningful way,” says Erez Shachar, managing partner at Qumra Capital. “Eyeview is providing brands with technology and insights that shed light on video creative in a way that is fundamentally changing video production and activation. Eyeview’s creative affinity database is opening what has been a blackbox to reveal how creative drives consumers to act,” says Rick Scanlon, Founding Partner at Innovation Endeavors.

This funding round includes existing and new investors: Qumra, Innovation Endeavors, Nauta Capital, Gemini Israel Ventures and Israel Secondary Fund.