About Riskified

Riskified improves global eCommerce for merchants and consumers. Merchants invest huge amounts of time and money to maximize their traffic only to squander it when they turn away good customers. Even worse – most of those shoppers are gone for good. It doesn’t have to be that way. Riskified uses advanced, machine-learning models to differentiate good orders from bad. This technology is applied to avoid fraud of all types – from account takeover to checkout – and “rescue” orders that would have been declined by the authorizing bank, the payment gateway or even the merchant itself. Riskified then guarantees those orders from fraudulent chargeback, assuming the liability and ensuring that merchants realize that income. Hundreds of global brands – including Macy’s, Giftcards.com, Finish Line, Canada Goose, lastminute.com and more, trust Riskified to identify and approve good customers throughout the purchase process.

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